She Came In Flames DOWNLOAD

Produce, mix and master : Alireza Shafiee
Piano improvise : HANIF PARANDEH
Artworks : Hanif Parandeh

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At first I was just a bright flash of light,while darkness surrounded my world
It was all I had until I got that I became smaller,I was almost nothing but the light in darkness
I felt your hand reached and pull me out,darkness turned into great plane with a lonely tree
Felt myself lonely under the tree,even I could not overcome the wind
It lifted me up then hit me down,on last shot it toke me underground
Didn't know I'm falling or someones cry draws me,for the moment found myself immersion in darkness
didn't know that I reach the light or lightness came to me
I take your hand and pull out of darkness
You hold my hand while we were under that lonely tree
Shadows of lifeless branches reach to our flesh with its cold sprite


This is my endless world of music
and my way of looking at it.
hope you all feel it, and enjoy it !

"Illusion Breakdown" is an instrumental album with ambient and avant-prog genre that create with a story and idea of creation by hanif parandeh, that own and composed by Hanif Parandeh, produce, mix and mastering by Alireza Shafiee. The album is available now on websites for free. Hope you like my experiential music.
Produce, mix and master : Alireza Shafiee
Guitar : Hanif Parandeh
Keyboard : Alireza Shafiee
Vocal : Hanif Parandeh, Alireza Shafiee
Artworks : Hanif Parandeh
interpreter : Elham Tabatabaie
You Can Hear The Album in Spotify, Amazone Music, Apple Music and All Other Music Stores


I was born in 1989 in tehran.i studied graphic at visual art school in interest in photography and music led me Started my professional career in photography and graphic in 2008.i received training in cinematography in 2012 and i recorded part of demos of this album.i started composition and remake the demo with cooperation of my good friend "alireza shafiee" in 2016.full album was produced,mixed and mastered by alireza shafiee and also "vacuity" track composed by him and i was art director and supervisor in this track. Also "sunrise dream" and "nyctophobia" composed by me and alireza shafiee. I create "circle of loop" for theatrical performance "willy loman" directed by "reza basir zadeh" and "nyctophobia" track for a video art by "payam ghorbani".thanks to my kind friends "kamran lolo" for his help during my album,"mehrshad takmilian" who introduced me to my producer, and "elham tabatabaie" who inspired me during composition and translating the theme and story of the album.
Some of My inspiration in music:
Mozart, henry purcell, arnold schoenberg. zbigniew preisner, steven price, hans zimmer, clint mansell, akira yamaoka, olafur arnalds, steven wilson, pink floyd, sigur ros, anathema, opeth...